AMB Volume 32, Issue 1, March 2016 / Pages 42-46

Immunohistochemistry on Cryostat Tissue Sections Using Synthetic Peptide Produced Monospeciffic Anti-Sheep Pox Virus Antibody

Bumbarov, V., Tzymanis, A., Hristov, M., Peshev, R., Eligulashvili, R.

An immunohistochemistry method on frozen tissue cryostat sections based on new polyclonal monospecific affinity-purified rabbit antibodies (PMAP) against 19-residue synthetic peptides (154-171), originated from the group-specific peptide P-32 for sheep poxvirus (SPV) was developed. PMAP were used as primary antibodies in an immunohistochemistry test on frozen ovine tissue for rapid laboratory diagnosis of SPV infection. This method is highly specific, reproducible, simple and inexpensive. The total time of the procedure was within 2 hours of receiving the samples in the laboratory.

Keywords: cryosections, immunohistochemistry, polyclonal monospecific affinity purified antibodies, sheep poxvirus

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