AMB Volume 32, Issue 4, December 2016 / Pages 237-242

In Vitro Anti-Rhinovirus Activity of Some Picornavirus Replication Inhibitors

Georgieva, I. L., Galabov, A. S.

The effect of several antiviral substances with different mode of action on the replication of human rhinovirus 14 (HRV-14) is the topic of the present study. Monolayer cultures of human cervical carcinoma (HeLa Ohio-I) cells in 96-well tissue culture plates were used. The antiviral effect against three different viral inoculation doses was tested by the neutral red uptake procedure in a CPE-inhibition setup. The following compounds were tested: ribavirin, arildone, disoxaril, S7, PTU-23, HBB and oxoglaucine (a newly characterized in this laboratory compound efficient against enteroviruses). Two of the compounds, HBB and oxoglaucine, showed the highest activity with a selectivity ratio (CC50/IC50) above 100 for the lowest viral inoculation dose of 100 CCID50. Ribavirin and disoxaril occupied intermediate position according to their antiviral effect, while the effect of arildone, PTU-23 and S-7 was not significant.

Keywords: Rhinovirus H14, Ribavirin, Oxoglaucine, HBB, Disoxaril

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