AMB Volume 32, Issue 4, December 2016 / Pages 221-223

On the Action of N1, N1-Anhydro-bis(β-hydroxyethyl)-Biguanide Hydrochloride (Abitylguanide, Moroxidine, ABOB) Versus RNA Viruses

Galabov, A. S.

The review considers the compound N1, N1-anhydro-bis(β-hydroxyethyl)-biguanide hydrochloride (abitylguanide, ABOB) as the first applied in the clinical practice anti-flu drug, which later did not prove efficacious, was officially rejected and classified as an agent whose merit only deserved a place in the history of antivirals. The compound manifested some activity against other RNA-containing viruses (paramyxo) but with contradictory effects, strongly dependent on the test methods used and on the virus inoculation dose (multiplicity of infection).

Keywords: abitylguanide, influenza viruses, paramyxoviruses

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